Adoption Resource Associates

What do you want your family to be?

The ARA Difference

As advocates for the adoptive family, our goal is to help you craft a placement plan that works best for you and for your adopted child. We are a private non-profit, full service, licensed adoption agency.

ARA strives to understand and inform adoptive families by being:

Insightful – Before the child, it’s about the parents. Understanding your values, lifestyle, beliefs and dreams is fundamental to our working with you.

Non-judgmental – We embrace the diversity of human experience, religions and cultures.

Humanistic – We are compassionate advocates of families and children worldwide.

Problem solvers – We simplify complex situations and make them manageable.

Experienced – Professionally trained, we offer many years of specialized knowledge.

Connected – We share with you our extensive network of professional resources to facilitate the right adoption relationships.

Training and Accreditation

Professionally, we bring together many related disciplines, including adoption law, mediation, pediatrics and psychotherapy. As mothers, we experience first hand many of the parenting joys and challenges our clients face. This holistic approach is welcomed and appreciated by the many families we have helped.

We are licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and have obtained an “enhanced” designation. We also held temporary Hague Convention accreditation from the Council on Accreditation and were approved to perform home studies and offer adoption services in Hague Convention cases. At present, we are trained to act as an exempt provider and can act as a supervisor provider in Convention cases.

Human Rights Involvement

For 25 years, ARA has been on the forefront of social justice issues. We have successfully facilitated adoptions by LGBT families. The Human Rights Campaign has recognized ARA’s contributions and recommends our program for LGBT families.

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