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LGBT Domestic Adoption Program

Adoption Resource Associates (ARA) in partnership with its sister licensed agency, Acadia Adoption Center of Kennebunk, Maine, has placed a significant number of new-born infants into gay, lesbian, and transgender adoptive families. For over 25 years ARA has been on the forefront of social justice issues, facilitating through referral adoptions to the LGBT community.

We now have developed our own capacity to place infants into approved adoptive homes. Our birthmother search and counseling services are housed at the Acadia Adoption Center (AAC). We have worked with birthmothers across the country, coming from a variety of states.

We use a counseling centered approach geared to birthparents and prospective adoptive parents. To understand our approach please visit our birthmother website at

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“The process of adopting a child takes more courage than you think you have, offers more self-knowledge than you think you want, and reassembles your characteristics into someone familiar but changed. It is an incredible journey through a rich landscape of hard truths.”

– Jana Wolff, Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother